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Go Grey Campaign

Image by mwboeckmann via Flickr

We have been hearing quite a bit about ‘Go Green’ initiatives spanning the globe and a whole bunch of similar tree hugging campaigns. I for one am not all that fond of green color. I thought we should start new initiatives including lesser popular colors as we shouldnt discriminate against other colors. To start this off I have picked grey as the color for an new initiative. We would need executive sponsors identified for this initiative.

The initiative in short has one objective – ‘Go Grey’ in as many ways as possible. Here is my plan to make the Grey initiative more popular than Green.

  • Stop dyeing hair as the first step – let there be a lot more natural grey.
  • People with grey eyes can become members
  • Anyone who has at least one grey hair is eligible to become a memeber of this initiative.
  • Those that dont have any grey yet can still become members by handing over some green.
    One Grey Morning (a.k.a. Darkness Before Dawn)
    Image by please wait while rebooting…… via Flickr
    Mr Gray Eyes
    Image by Tim in sanhazzay via Flickr
  • Encourage wig makers to entice balding people to wear only grey wigs instead of walking around fooling themselves that they have black hair – they for sure are not fooling anyone else. With grey hair they stand a better chance of fooling a few other other people in addition to themselves.
  • Companies suggested to have recruitment drives to take in as many retirees /ex servicemen/women with just the criteria of having grey hair.
  • Popularise the “greyhound” breed of dogs.One of them would be a mascot. Also support any other animal that is grey in color. Grey whales, grey foxes etc.
    This is a photograph of a 4 year old, female g...
    Image via Wikipedia
    Gray Fox – Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
    Image by mandj98 via Flickr
  • Pick a big screen celebrity who is going grey to be the face and hair of the campaign.
  • Instead of having visiting dignitaries planting trees we would request them to plant grey lampposts. Their names and the date of planting would of course be inscribed in grey. Maybe we can have solar lampposts installed ( this would make the lampposts green lampposts). Admin staff dont need to spend any time watering the lamp post.
  • If the visitng dignitary is an Asterix & Obelix fan we could have a greyObelisk planted instead.
    Image via Wikipedia
  • Organize a lot of events in old age homes only, all other CSR funding to bediverted here. OK OK maybe we can keep supporting kids under 2 years with extreme hiccups as the only other group getting funding.
  • Tell people you are part of the go grey movement through grey banners and grey backgrounds on email and web pages.Home page would be
  • I was going to suggest a grey pamphlet distribution campaign but that would annoy the green types.
  • Wear something grey everyday.
  • Keep saying the sky is looking grey today
  • Put up posters of ‘Gandalf the Grey’ from LOTR
  • Buy and drive grey vehicles only.
  • Write a successful comic strip based on an unlikely super hero who goes by the name of Grey Grep or something with Grey in the name. It would help if the hero as part of his cover works in an Indian IT firm on a support project and is continuously given ‘MA’ rating each cycle, denied promotion and onsite opportunities. Maybe a totally task oriented ‘pointy haired boss‘ type lead/supervisor/PM might add some spice and credibility to the character.
    Gandalf the Grey
    Image by Dunechaser via Flickr
  • When the comic strip gets hugely popular make and produce a blockbuster movie with a well planned set of sequels set to come out at 1.73 year intervals.
  • When both movie and comic are doing well bring out the prequel book that explains how the grey hero got his super powers. Set the stage for yet another movie.
  • How could I forget to mention a whole range of logo merchandise based on the Grey super hero.

So now that the plan is in place – who is ready to become a member ? :-). Sponsorships are of course expected and welcome. Any other grey initiatives we can take up are also welcome through the comments.

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“R” is one year old today (Feb 11th)!

I had many different things I had wanted to write about on this blog but the first chance I get happens to be our son “R”s first birthday. I remembered I had written up a post about the day of his birth but never posted it. Thought today might be the best day to put it up and kick off this blog as well.

I talked to T multiple times on the phone during the day on Feb 10th 2008 (she had gone to her parents place in Kerala and I was still in Chennai. I had multiple tickets to go to Kerala later that week since the actual due date was around the 17th of Feb) and finally around talked at 10.45 pm that night. I went to sleep @ 1 AM after the CCA cup photo taking and photo uploading.


I wasnt able to sleep peacefully and got up a couple of times. An SMS from T came around 3 AM that the labor pain is starting. Called T back and was told and that they may go on 11th morning to hospital. Few minutes later am told they will go then itself. I checked online for available flight tickets then called Paramount and booked my flight ticket. Went down and told my parents then packed within an hour. Had a quick bath in cold water. Took a printout of the ticket PNR. Then realized my first name is screwed up as ‘Suchil’. Put my “Out of Office” on and let people know I will be out.


I was dropped to the airport by my father and sister. Checked-in my one small box and went through security check immediately and got to the gate and waited till takeoff with no luggage.  The wait was a very painful and long one. Bought & ate a banana nut muffin while waiting. Takeoff was over the Bay of Bengal into the sunlight an amazing sight – the bright blue green water and the light colored sand and the bright sun. I forgot about Lent as I was so hungry and tucked into potato, eggs & sausage. The rest of the flight I do not remember.


The driver M was waiting at the airport for me. He drove directly to hospital. T was being examined and contractions were 10 minutes apart. She came out in a lot of pain and looked like she had cried. Someone was mean to her during the checkup. Talked to her for a bit and sat and slept while she slept.Contractions interval shortened to around 6 to 10 minutes apart.


I went home for lunch with T’s father around 1.30 PM . Came back to find T was taken in for the next check. Get to know she will be moved into the delivery ward then. I sat and waited then laid down and slept till 3.15 PM. T’s mother and me went to the other side of the hospital which has normal deliveries. We wait for a while till T’s father comes. He was tired from the night hospital run and had slept at home for a bit after lunch. T was given drip to induce labor. Kept messaging home, sis and sis-in-law. T’s mother would check at intervals but nothing much happening.


Around 5PM Dr. LP comes and says they will do caesarian as they had waited all that while and nothing much was happening. We are allowed to go meet T in the operating theatre. She was awake and was in pain but very brave.  Phone showed low battery message at this point. We were given some forms to fill consenting to the surgery. Surgery prep started around 5.30 PM.  T’s parents and myself move back to the waiting area near the operating theatre.


Nurses come asking for cloth to do the initial cleaning of the baby then to wrap him. T’s father goes with the driver and comes back with a sheet and dhothi. White dhothi given in was rejected as it is perceived to be not cotton. Driver was sent again for a single dhoti. He returns with it in a hurry but doesn’t mention being hit by a transport bus in the hurry.


Around 6 PM Fr. TJ and wife come to visit. They sit chatting with us while we wait. Around 6.19 PM a nurse pops her head through the door and announces that it’s a boy baby! I am shocked and so is everyone else as it had seemed we thought we were having a girl (FYI –we were not told what baby it was during the scans). I get congratulated by everyone there. The driver brings a packet of chocolate éclairs. I distribute them but didn’t eat as i was waiting for news of T. I call home and convey the news.


We keep waiting and finally around 6.40 PM the Dr. brings out little “R”. I didn’t know what came over me but next thing I know I found myself next to the doc who hands the baby to me. I hold him with great care and look at our boy – he seems to be a tiny little angel.


His eyes were a bit open and he was making small yawns and seemed very sleepy. He was wrapped tightly in a white single dhothi material which had his weight 3.2 kg, the time of birth 6.12 PM and that he was B/o T (“Baby of”). Only his face was visible. He had pink cheeks and was very fair with fine jet black hair. He had a hospital tag with his sex and again B/o details on his arm.  We had the Achen pray over him with a sign of the cross and a more detailed prayer inside the room. He was then taken in to be with T. All of us were called to see T through the door of the observation room. She was surprised to see us and showed signs to indicate she didn’t know how it happened to be a boy either.



Little “R” was fed some Lactogen mix around 7 .15 or so by the lady we had arranged to help with the baby  and T’s mother. I took a few photos of him with my phone (battery had almost gone). I swapped the SIM out of my phone into T’s phone to use it as my phone almost dead. He slept soundly after his first meal, still making faces in his sleep. For the next feed around 9 PM I helped the ayah by holding little spoonfuls of mix to his mouth. He would slurp it in with relish with sounds. He fell asleep after his food. Sometimes smiling and sometimes looking like he was crying.


I go out to buy T’s mother and the Chedithi’s dinner. T’s father & me then go for our dinner to the same place. I had a Masala Dosa.


When we got back to the hospital I go check on T. Her bed is near a glass door and the nurse opened the curtains a bit for me to just peep through the glass and wave to her – she was half awake and saw me and waved). T’s parents go home @10.20 PM to pick up some stuff missed and promise to be back soon. I stand by the bed of “R” and kill some mosquitoes flying around in the room. Am filled with awe and love for our little boy. I was worried about T and send her some SMSs – not that she could see them since I had her phone with me.



Finally T’s parents arrive by 11.40 PM. As soon as they get in I can hear heavy rain outside. We wait for a bit till the mosquito net is put and bolsters put around him then T’s father and me leave the hospital to go home for the night. All in all it was a good day.