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Go Grey Campaign

Image by mwboeckmann via Flickr

We have been hearing quite a bit about ‘Go Green’ initiatives spanning the globe and a whole bunch of similar tree hugging campaigns. I for one am not all that fond of green color. I thought we should start new initiatives including lesser popular colors as we shouldnt discriminate against other colors. To start this off I have picked grey as the color for an new initiative. We would need executive sponsors identified for this initiative.

The initiative in short has one objective – ‘Go Grey’ in as many ways as possible. Here is my plan to make the Grey initiative more popular than Green.

  • Stop dyeing hair as the first step – let there be a lot more natural grey.
  • People with grey eyes can become members
  • Anyone who has at least one grey hair is eligible to become a memeber of this initiative.
  • Those that dont have any grey yet can still become members by handing over some green.
    One Grey Morning (a.k.a. Darkness Before Dawn)
    Image by please wait while rebooting…… via Flickr
    Mr Gray Eyes
    Image by Tim in sanhazzay via Flickr
  • Encourage wig makers to entice balding people to wear only grey wigs instead of walking around fooling themselves that they have black hair – they for sure are not fooling anyone else. With grey hair they stand a better chance of fooling a few other other people in addition to themselves.
  • Companies suggested to have recruitment drives to take in as many retirees /ex servicemen/women with just the criteria of having grey hair.
  • Popularise the “greyhound” breed of dogs.One of them would be a mascot. Also support any other animal that is grey in color. Grey whales, grey foxes etc.
    This is a photograph of a 4 year old, female g...
    Image via Wikipedia
    Gray Fox – Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
    Image by mandj98 via Flickr
  • Pick a big screen celebrity who is going grey to be the face and hair of the campaign.
  • Instead of having visiting dignitaries planting trees we would request them to plant grey lampposts. Their names and the date of planting would of course be inscribed in grey. Maybe we can have solar lampposts installed ( this would make the lampposts green lampposts). Admin staff dont need to spend any time watering the lamp post.
  • If the visitng dignitary is an Asterix & Obelix fan we could have a greyObelisk planted instead.
    Image via Wikipedia
  • Organize a lot of events in old age homes only, all other CSR funding to bediverted here. OK OK maybe we can keep supporting kids under 2 years with extreme hiccups as the only other group getting funding.
  • Tell people you are part of the go grey movement through grey banners and grey backgrounds on email and web pages.Home page would be
  • I was going to suggest a grey pamphlet distribution campaign but that would annoy the green types.
  • Wear something grey everyday.
  • Keep saying the sky is looking grey today
  • Put up posters of ‘Gandalf the Grey’ from LOTR
  • Buy and drive grey vehicles only.
  • Write a successful comic strip based on an unlikely super hero who goes by the name of Grey Grep or something with Grey in the name. It would help if the hero as part of his cover works in an Indian IT firm on a support project and is continuously given ‘MA’ rating each cycle, denied promotion and onsite opportunities. Maybe a totally task oriented ‘pointy haired boss‘ type lead/supervisor/PM might add some spice and credibility to the character.
    Gandalf the Grey
    Image by Dunechaser via Flickr
  • When the comic strip gets hugely popular make and produce a blockbuster movie with a well planned set of sequels set to come out at 1.73 year intervals.
  • When both movie and comic are doing well bring out the prequel book that explains how the grey hero got his super powers. Set the stage for yet another movie.
  • How could I forget to mention a whole range of logo merchandise based on the Grey super hero.

So now that the plan is in place – who is ready to become a member ? :-). Sponsorships are of course expected and welcome. Any other grey initiatives we can take up are also welcome through the comments.

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